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“Kaiseki o d o, exploring a new culinary culture.”

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Our story began in New York City in 2018 when two Japanese masters met. Although they came from two different paths, they were related in essence: Kaiseki cuisine and Zen Buddhism.  These two masters have developed a new vision, creating a project where both can utilize their knowledge into something greater than the sum of its parts.

Premier Shōjin offers an exquisite and authentic experience that incorporates shōjin ryōri and Zen meditation. The experience is offered by Chef Hiroki Odo, a Michelin star chef and owner/chef of o d o, and by Rev. Dr. Masaki Matsubara, an eighteenth-generation Zen priest of the Japanese Rinzai tradition with a Ph.D. in Asian Religions at Cornell University. Together they guide guests into a new creative culinary culture. Premier Shōjin provides a rare experiential understanding of shōjin ryōri, which is deeply rooted in Zen. It is a prime opportunity to return to the roots of shōjin ryōri.

“Cultivating Gratitude and Hospitality.”

The origin of Shōjin ryōri lies within the kitchens of Zen monasteries. Traditionally, cooking and what you eat are key parts of Zen practice. Shōjin ryōri has been developed as an art form to cultivate gratitude, compassion, and hospitality, which matter greatly in life.

“Nourishing Your Body; Refining Your Health.”

We must appreciate the meal, which sustains the good health, clearing our bodies and minds; 

We are also honored to cook for this priceless purpose.

“Cooking and Eating Locally.”

We enjoy an abundance of locally-grown produce and ingredients from farmers and producers in our communities. There are environmental, economic, social, and health benefits that come from sourcing locally.