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The second odo Utsuwa Market うつわ展

"Shintaro Gonomi 慎太郎好み" hosted by odo NYC

- Antique & Modern Japanese ceramics -

The Second odo Utsuwa Marketodo Utsuwa Market will be held for three days a week before Thanksgiving weekend.

Antique Japanese ceramics, thoughtfully selected by Shintaro, Sayaka Wada, and Hiroki Odo will be available to purchase. This special selection, typically only available to be bought in Japan, includes Imari porcelain 伊万里 from 300 years ago, as well as a collection from Kai Tsujimura, a renowned artist whose works are used at odo.

This event, our selection focused on special platters used for the holiday and celebration season, as well as great jubako boxes for New Year’s.

Date: Friday 11/18 - Sunday 12/4

Time: 11:30 am - 4:30 pm

Please click catalog button below to check our catalog.If there is an item that you have interest in, please kindly let us know the following information so that we can reserve it for you.

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* Limited supply, items are available on a first come first serve basis

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