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odo is the beginning of a new journey for Chef Hiroki Odo. With respect to seasonality of ingredients in Japanese tradition and modern culinary techniques, Chef Odo is exploring the perfect balance. Odo embodies the deepest appreciation of nature and creativity in culinary wonders.

One of the concepts that odo founded on was the principle of sourcing local and domestic ingredients. Using our connections with local fishermen, butchers, and farmers; we want to use the best seasonal ingredients available.

While the majority of high-end sushi and Kaiseki restaurants are using ingredients exclusively imported from Japan, our philosophy is to create an interesting and exciting Kaiseki experience that can only be had in New York.

Our goal is to make Kaiseki cuisine more approachable to everyone. If guests know we are using domestic farms and harvesting fish from local coasts, we feel there will be some familiarity.

What we do now will become the foundation for tomorrow.