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At o.d.o., the core brand of Michelin Star Chef Hiroki Odo, the celebrated artist expects to provide the unexpected by offering kaiseki — a traditional Japanese dinner governed by well-established rules — at an upscale, tucked-away speakeasy. 

Firmly believing that what a person does today becomes the foundation of their tomorrow, he is actively working on making o.d.o. a place for fostering culinary innovation as well as cultural exchange, which he hopes will inspire a new generation of up-and-coming chefs. 

Because kaiseki involves many dishes that are freshly prepared with carefully sourced seasonal ingredients, Chef Odo connects with local fishermen, butchers, and farmers to make sure that he is able to maintain the high standard of quality kaiseki, that it is known for around the world. 

But, living in New York City and becoming familiarized with its unique form of culture — one that results from a fusion of countless influences from around the world — persuaded the chef to offer traditional Japanese cuisine in a modern, sophisticated setting. 

What we do now will become the foundation for tomorrow.